KUMaCo (Kyoto University Management System for Core Facilities) is Kyoto University’s original online management system for the use of shared devices. You can use KUMaCo to register the use of shared devices at the Uji Support center of Apparatus Collection (USACO), and can also apply to continue your registration, apply to use a device, or reserve a device, etc. If you have already registered to use a device, please login from the following link.

How to apply for continuation into the new year

If you wish to continue using the service in the new fiscal year, you will need to submit a continuation application.
Please login to KUMaCo’s My Portal and submit a continuation application.

Application period: From April 1 to January 31 of each fiscal year

New Usage Applications

First-time users must submit a new application.
* Please be sure to read the KUMaCo Manual for new applicants.
Note: Regarding the use of facilities by off-campus users, off-campus users are not allowed to use the facilities in March.

KUMaCo Manual

How to pay the usage fee

On-campus users

Settled every quarter.For the fourth quarter, due to financial settlement reasons, we will process the data for January and February in March, and the data for March will be processed in early April (only operating expenses will be used in March).

Off-campus users

For those who have not done business with Kyoto University in the past, you will need to register for a deposit only for the first time. Please enter the necessary information below and submit it to the person in charge of the facility (equipment) you are using.